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Personal Statement

In 11th grade I struggled with my AP class. It was my first ever AP class, I can still recall all the moments in the class. It was AP Lang, a small class with people I was familiar with, the teacher’s loud voice but most importantly it was the most challenging class I ever took. I was told it was challenging but I did not know what exactly I was going to be going through. It was so hard of a class that a thought that never occurred to my mind appeared. It was the thought of giving up and quitting that appeared in my head. The class gave work that pushed me to my limit yet it still continued to push further to do more. The teacher, named Harmony, had a high expectation for us which gave her an overbearing presence that felt like a storm brewing above our heads. She would constantly criticize our papers with no filter, making every student feel as if what we had learned all our lives was useless. No one enjoyed the class but everyone did hate the class and the fact that we were forced into it. We would dread each time we had to go to the class and even wish that the school ended before we stepped a foot near the class. Despite all these things that we felt, we all stuck through the class together. We decided to make a group chat and if we had a question and needed an answer it was there in that chat. Recalling those moments now, I hated that class so much yet I am also grateful for that class as it made me grow closer with those people in that group chat and taught me the importance of teamwork and communicating with your team.